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Grounding Pepper Plants is a 'Hot' Topic


 Jalepeno Peppers are among the many plants that significantly benefit from using Earth & Grow.

Earlier in our blog, we shared some results from an experiment conducted in the greenhouses of a top University. In 2013, this University stored the capstone presentation in their archives. Here it is for your reading enjoyment!

Greenhouse Habanero Peppers love Earth & Grow!

We love hearing success stories like these coming from our Earth & Grow supporters aka 'Plant Protectors' :)


So check this out. Being a bit skeptical, a sales rep wanted to see E&G results for himself. How could he promote Earth & Grow with any conviction otherwise, right? Well, we're proud that we could transform his ideas of indoor gardening... and yours! Have a look at the Habanero Peppers he raised in his greenhouse using Grodan and net baskets.


Earth & Grow Trial with Habanero Peppers

Date started: Habanero plants transplanted on 6/18/13

Date ended: Fruit harvested on 9/1/13


Habanero plants bought at garden center. Soil washed off the plants and all transplanted in Grodan growcubes in 6” net baskets. 6 were hooked up to the Earth & Grow on one 2x4 flood table; the other 6 on a separate 2x4 table without the E&G. All in greenhouse; no artificial light.

Transplants started at pH 6 and EC of 1.0 with Flora Gro and Flora Micro. Gradually increased to EC 2.0 and switched to Flora Bloom and Flora Micro. Last two weeks before harvest, increased to EC 2.5 with Flora Bloom, Flora Micro and CaliMagic.

Fruit harvest, counted and weighed on 9/1/13.

With Earth & Grow (transplanted 6/18/13) Without E&G
Growth on 8/13/13. Earth & Grow plants on left vs. control on right.
Fruit harvested on 9/1/13
With Earth & Grow Without E&G

Earth & Grow improves soil and microbial health by 'taking the static' out of your garden!

Every gardener can agree that growing happy healthy plants begins from 'the ground up'. Well, the same goes for growing happy healthy microbes. Ongoing research cited in leading journals address this importance, proving that it’s all electric!

    How Microbes Can Build Electric Grids

    “New research demonstrates that bacteria exploit conducting minerals in their environment to shuttle electrons between species, allowing greater growth… Do these microbes enhance their energy management, and thus their ability to grow, by shuttling electrons back and forth to one another through conductive materials in their environment? Research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on June 4 suggests the answer is yes; some bacteria do indeed build electricity-conducting grids in the wild…”


The energies that these microbes manage are sensitive. They are in fact millions of times less powerful than the electricity found in your home. Plants grown in indoor environments undergo coherent electrical stresses that can disrupt the subtle currents utilized by soil microbes. The microbes' electrical 'communication' is then unbalanced... something like static in a radio. Earth & Grow plant growth systems help to clear up and even enhance the electricity-conducting grids that microbes need to grow and thrive. The results are simple... a more happy healthy garden.


Take the static out of your garden. Get reconnected with Earth & Grow!