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Every gardener can agree that growing happy healthy plants begins from 'the ground up'. Well, the same goes for growing happy healthy microbes. Ongoing research cited in leading journals address this importance, proving that it’s all electric!

    How Microbes Can Build Electric Grids

    “New research demonstrates that bacteria exploit conducting minerals in their environment to shuttle electrons between species, allowing greater growth… Do these microbes enhance their energy management, and thus their ability to grow, by shuttling electrons back and forth to one another through conductive materials in their environment? Research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on June 4 suggests the answer is yes; some bacteria do indeed build electricity-conducting grids in the wild…”


The energies that these microbes manage are sensitive. They are in fact millions of times less powerful than the electricity found in your home. Plants grown in indoor environments undergo coherent electrical stresses that can disrupt the subtle currents utilized by soil microbes. The microbes' electrical 'communication' is then unbalanced... something like static in a radio. Earth & Grow plant growth systems help to clear up and even enhance the electricity-conducting grids that microbes need to grow and thrive. The results are simple... a more happy healthy garden.


Take the static out of your garden. Get reconnected with Earth & Grow!

Written by Grounded Garden — October 12, 2013

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