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Earth & Grow Uses the Most Effective Materials to Ground Plants

Grounding plants with Earth and Grow     


Through our process of testing many different materials and prototypes since 2008, we have determined the best metals and components to be used when reconnecting plants to the Earth. Grounding plants can be achieved by using a variety of metals and wire, but not all combinations are created equal. We have learned that there can be dramatic differences in the effectiveness of this technology and with some component choices and combinations actually having a negative effect. Simply reconnecting your plants to ground with any ol' metal will not achieve the best results.

The sunflower that is second in from the left is using a combination of materials that were ultimately chosen for the current Earth & Grow products. As you can see from the photo, it is out performing the other common materials that can be used for grounding. 

The products being offered by Earth & Grow have been tested to work the best, are very easy to assemble and designed to be safely incorporated into your garden. We have been working diligently in the lab, with university researchers and with everyday gardeners to make sure we are offering our customers the best products possible. Don't be fooled by imitators.

The original Earth & Grow: Based on real science. Backed by real results! 

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance of Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Early this spring, we purchased 2 identical dwarf Alberta spruce trees. We connected the tree on the right to the Earth using an Earth & Grow prototype and tracked their growth for 6 weeks. The grounded spruce produced growth that was more vibrant, symmetrical and developed than the control spruce that was not connected to the Earth.

The real magic occurred when we decided to disconnect the spruce tree and stopped watering both plants to see which would stand up best to drought. The grounded spruce lived for 2 weeks longer and lost a fraction of the needles compared to the control. Check out the photos below! This experiment again shows the residual benefits of treating certain species with the Earth's electrical energy.

Day 1

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in Conifer Species

After 6 Weeks

Earth & Grow dwarf Alberta spruce after 6 weeks of being connected to the Earth

Day 1 - No Water

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in dwarf Alberta spruce

After 2 Weeks - No Water

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in dwarf Alberta spruce

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Product Details

During the past few months we have transitioned from performing experiments to finalizing our product design, manufacturing the first 100 Earth & Grow kits, as well as designing our website and launching our company.

This project has been an amazing journey and we are excited to be moving forward with great feedback from our initial customers and support from all of our friends and family.

The simple idea of how to reconnect potted plants to the Earth's energy is gaining forward momentum everyday with positive results from happy customers. The Earth & Grow team has expanded to include manufacturing, shipping, distribution, graphic designers, web developers, consultants, investors and university researchers. We are blessed to be experiencing this opportunity and are excited to be evolving the way the world grows and preserves their plants.

Check us out on Amazon to purchase your Earth & Grow Kit. Our revolutionary growing systems are designed to plug in from 4 to 24 plants and provide them access to the Earth's energy year after year. This is a one time purchase that will continuously increase the health, yields and quality of your plants for years to come.

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Written by Grounded Garden — July 03, 2012