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How it Works

Earth & Grow® is the world’s first available growing system that uses natural electricity to enhance plant growth. This revolutionary technology provides your plants with the perfect electrical stimulus needed to maximize growth, health and production.

Earth & Grow® reconnects your potted plants to the Earth allowing them to discharge AC radiation that is harmful to their health while simultaneously allowing the DC electricity from the Earth to enter your plants’ pots.

Why it Works

Plants have evolved in the ground, outside in nature. Growing plants in artificial containers and not connecting them back to the Earth decreases their ability to grow and develop to their maximum potential. When plants are grown in pots, they are disconnected from this innate source of energy. Earth & Grow® safely and efficiently connects your potted plants to the Earth’s natural electrical energy. 

Over the past 200 years the intimate relationship between electricity and life has been well documented. All organisms contain water and minerals, which together form an excellent conductor of electrons. Subtle electrical currents known as Telluric Currents, pulsate perpetually along the Earth, and are easily transferred up, into and throughout the structures of all organisms—as long as they are in direct connection with the Earth.

The Earth itself is an electrical generator. All of the Earth’s oceans and landmasses are conductive. The atmosphere above the Earth’s surface also conducts electricity due to the presence of positive and negative ions in the air. It is well established that the surface of the Earth possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free electrons as a result of the Earth’s electrical current.

Earth’s electrical current is the accumulated effect of thousands of daily thunderstorms (approximately 50 per second). These storms feed a continuous current from the ground to the ionosphere. This electrical current spreads across the globe and returns to Earth as the “fair weather current” outside the thunderstorm areas. The whole process is referred to as the global electrical circuit. This global electrical circuit is responsible for Earth’s electrical field and maintains the unlimited supply of electrons everywhere on the surface of the Earth.

What We've Seen

During the past 4 years of research, we as well as other gardeners, industry professionals and university researchers have experienced a wide range of benefits when growing and preserving plants with Earth & Grow®.

Specific results depend on:
Species, phase of growth, plant’s health prior to being plugged in, growing environment, gardening techniques and application.

Click on the image to read the story explaining each experiment.

Fresh Cilantro
Daffodil Bulbs
Dwarf Alberta Spruce




What To Expect

Earth & Grow® is a new “tool” in your gardening “tool box”. Reconnecting your container grown plants to the Earth’s natural electrical currents is a newly rediscovered technique that has been shown to enhance the growth, health and production of many species of plants. It is important to remember that you have to incorporate this technology into your growing process and adjust your fertilizing and watering regimen according to how your plants are responding to being reconnected to the Earth.

Earth & Grow® is the perfect compliment to organic fertilizer. It is important to maintain high concentrations of soil microbes to grow the best plants possible. Soil microbes (bacteria, fungi, protozoa) break down nutrients into usable forms for the plant to absorb. Without the Earth’s electrical energy, soil microbes are not performing to their maximum potential, which means your plants do not have efficient access to the nutrients they rely on for optimum health.

Plants grown using Earth & Grow® are stronger, healthier and more vibrant. Most species develop faster and mature more quickly while producing increased yields. Once you see the results from properly “dialing in” to the Earth’s energy, you will never grow your plants without Earth & Grow® again. 


When using Earth & Grow® you can expect to see increases in:

  • Growth, health and vigor 
  • Node and branch development
  • Leaf color and texture
  • Tolerance to pests, pathogens, heat and drought stress
  • Rate of maturity / speed of production
  • Flower uniformity
  • Branch symmetry
  • Yields


How to Use

See illustrations for each kit: Home, Starter, Deluxe, Pro-Gro

Step 1: Use the Outlet Tester to make sure the outlet you are planning to use is safely grounded. Do not use the outlet if it is not properly grounded. Follow the instructions provided with the Outlet Tester.

Step 2: Plug the Controller into the electrical outlet.

Step 3: Fully insert the soil probe ½ way between the rim of the pot and the plant’s stem at a 45 degree angle with the copper tip pointing towards the base of the plant.

Step 4: Plug the Soil Probe into the Controller.

Step 5: Lightly fertilize with a recommended organic fertilizer. The exact fertilizer depends on species of plant, phase of growth and time of year.

Step 6: Gently water your plant until it starts to drain out of the bottom of the pot.

Step 7: Use the Plant Tester to make sure your plant is properly connected to the Earth. (Plant Tester is not available with Home Kit)