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Q:  What kind of results should I expect to see?

A:  Whether plugging in old or young plants, results will vary due to plant species and growing conditions. You may notice benefits in as little as a few days or as long as a few months. Earth & Grow® enables your plants to perform to their maximum potential, which is specific to each species.

Q:  Do I still need to fertilize my plants?

A:  Yes. Fertilize your plants with a recommended organic fertilizer that has a N:P:K ratio appropriate for the species of plant, phase of growth and time of year. Depending on the species and growing environment, your plants may benefit from decreasing or increasing the amount of fertilizer used. It is important to pay attention to what your plants are telling you and care for them accordingly.

Q:  Do I still need to water my plants after they have been plugged in?

A:  Yes. Keeping the soil moist insures sufficient conductivity for Earth & Grow® to function properly. Your plants still need the proper T.L.C. to maximize the benefits of Earth & Grow®. However, your plants will remain much stronger and healthier if you forget to water them, or if it gets too hot or cold in their environment. Reconnecting your plants to the Earth gives them the lifeline they require to stand up against the toughest stressors.

Q:  Is it ok to leave my plants plugged in?

A:  Absolutely! Your plants will love you for it!  The majority of our customers have reported not wanting to unplug their plants after they see how healthy and vibrant they are from reconnecting them to the Earth.

Q:  What happens when I unplug my plants?

A:  Most plants that have been grown or brought back to life using Earth & Grow® are capable of staying green and healthy long after being unplugged. Overtime, others may begin to look weak and not as vibrant as when connected. The residual benefits usually depend on the health and age of the plant prior to being plugged in and at the time of being unplugged.

Q:  Does Earth & Grow® work on all kinds of plants? During all stages of growth?

A:  Yes! All potted plants benefit from being reconnected to the Earth.  Every plant is in its own unique situation and will react differently to being plugged in. It is important to care for your plant as recommended for the particular species and stage of growth to maximize the benefits of Earth & Grow®.

Q:  Do the Earth & Grow® systems use any electricity?

A:  No. Earth & Grow® will not increase your electric bill. Our plant growth systems connect to the Earth by utilizing ground of electrical systems found in your home and in commercial facilities. The connection helps to balance and induce low-level energies, which we then can control and regulate, creating an "electric fertilizer'.


Q:  How do I maintain my Earth & Grow® kit?

A:  The only parts you have to maintain are the soil probes. Every few months, or in between uses, it is recommended to scrape off the copper tip of the soil probes. You can easily do this by using the Scotch-BriteTM pad included with each kit . Removing the oxidized copper from the tip of the soil probe ensures its effectiveness.

Q: Does Earth & Grow® work with all soil types?

A: Earth & Grow® works with all soil and soilless mediums including coco / coir and rockwool cubes. For wood chips, sand, stone and clay pebbles, make sure the tip of the soil probe is in direct contact with the plant’s roots.


Q: What’s the difference between chemical vs. organic fertilizer? Which is best to use?

A: Most chemical fertilizers are manufactured from non renewable synthetic sources that are often petroleum based or highly concentrated mineral salts. Chemical fertilizers are akin to steroids for humans. They have a short term advantage, but ultimately leave the plant weaker and solely dependent on the chemicals. Organic fertilizers are derived from natural sources that contain carbon which means they can be naturally broken down in the environment. Plants have evolved to benefit from organic nutrients that support a healthy soil ecosystem with high populations of microorganisms. Highly concentrated chemical fertilizers kill soil microorganisms and force the plants to be solely reliant upon them. Organic fertilizers are best. 


Q: Can Earth & Grow® be used with hydroponic growing systems?

A: The current Earth & Grow® systems are not designed for pump-circulated hydroponics. We are currently designing systems that will be safe and effective for all hydroponic applications and look forward to offering them in the near future.



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