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- Brian Maynard, Ph.D., Professor of Horticulture, Department of Plant Sciences & Entomology, University of Rhode Island
- Michael Cavanagh, Cavanagh Landscape Design LLC
“The results from testing sunflowers side by side were astounding! After a week, the sunflowers without the grounding connection drooped and died. The water in their vases turned cloudy and dark. The two grounded sunflowers maintained their vigor and lived for another 10 days. Their water remained as clear as when the vase was first filled.”
- Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., University of Arizona
- Fran Duckworth, R.N., URI Master Gardener
“I have had a potted geranium in my kitchen for 12 years; it has not grown in the past 11.5. I plugged it in using an Earth & Grow® device and within weeks it began to show signs of new growth. It started to flower come spring (within a few months) and has continued throughout the summer!! I have been gardening for over 30 years and have never seen any fertilizer do this. Absolutely amazing!!"
- Gary Censorio, Restaurant Owner
- Jason Rosen, Writer / Artist
“I plant-napped a dieing broccoli plant from my neighbor exactly three weeks ago. There, it was watered, received good care, and was under a grow light. It did not have any leaves, just stems and was looking very sick. Once I got it home, I plugged it in using Earth & Grow®. The soil was wet and a bit moldy (my non-scientific judgment) so all I did was plug the plant in and kept it on my windowsill where it received only early morning sun and then residual light throughout the day. After three weeks, the plant grew MANY leaves that are all very healthy and evenly shaped. The stems also began to grow! The growth and success of this plant in just three weeks can be attributed solely (in my opinion) to the device because it was given absolutely NO water or fertilizer and far less light than it was receiving at the neighbor's.”
- Francesca Mannix
"The plants that were grounded grew faster and had better and more flowers than those not grounded. The contrast was too evident for any argument. This experiment and its outcome brought me closer to Nature than ever before."
- George Starr White, M.D., Ph.D., L.L.D., F.R.S.A (London), author of Cosmo-Electro Culture for Land and Man
- Fred V. Jackson, Director of the Plant Environmental Center,
Brown University
Jessica Gloor, Greenhouse Manager, The Farmer's Daughter
“I purchased a perfectly good-looking orchid from a local grocery store. In just 2 days of bringing it home, all of the green leaves turned the color of a ripe banana and started to rot. I cut off the leaves because there was still 1 pretty flower open. I plugged in my orchid and the open flower lasted for weeks and weeks without the plant having any leaves. It even started to re-grow its stem and buds and flowered 3 more times! I kept that orchid for 6 months and I am sure I would have had to throw it away only after days of buying it, had I not been able to use the Earth & Grow® device.
- Heidi Steele, Business Owner
- Michael Richards, Esq.
“After 13 days in a water filled vase, into which I had inserted my Earth & Grow® device, my mixed bouquet of flowers I received for my anniversary were just starting to wilt. I took them out and much to my surprise the water was still clean and odor free. The stems were not even the least bit slimy! I had not changed the water at all! After discarding the wilted flowers, half the bouquet still looked fresh! I put them back in the vase, refilled with fresh water, inserted my Earth & Grow® and can’t wait to see how much longer they will last!”
- Donna Aubin, R.N.
"My wife was given a prototype Earth & Grow® kit and plugged in the plants in our family room. The kit could not have been easier to put together and use. I have been a master electrician for 30 years and I have to say that grounding plants back to the Earth just makes sense."
- Bill Shalvey, ME
"I was given a trial Earth & Grow® device as a gift, so I plugged in an old palm tree we have had in the classroom for years. In just weeks it appeared stronger and healthier than I ever remembered. Excited, I took the kit home to plug in my own plants and after a few weeks the palm tree began to look tired like before. My students begged me to bring the magic wand back for the palm tree! We are all excited and want to learn more about the science behind the "magic".
- Sarah Coyne, Elementary School Teacher
“Throughout the past year, I have watched my small garden flourish while it has been “plugged in” using Earth & Grow®. For example, within just one week of plugging in a plant, a friend commented on the new stems emerging from the soil and the many new leaves that appeared all over the plant. In addition, a full-sun tropical plant was saved! After leaving it for an extremely cold and long weekend this winter, I came home to find it with only three brown leaves. When I switched the device from a neighboring plant into the tropical flower’s pot, it came back better than ever! Today, it has twenty-eight new fuzzy green leaves that all have the appropriate number of petals. In the past, when it was not plugged in, this plant produced leaves with one or two petals rather than three. Finally, I have watched the “unlucky” members of my garden move towards the device’s wires towards the plants that are plugged in. Even when I moved the Cyclamen’s stems away from the device’s wires, I would later find them wrapped around the wires and stretched up towards its plugged in neighbors.”
- Katharine Grace, M.S. CCC-SLP